On Wednesday 6th January 2010, the Gough Sports  Foundation again inaugurated the Sonny Alade Joiner Basketball/Volleyball courts at the Father Gough Sports Complex, in Manjai. The courts were opened by the minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Sheriff Gomez. The courts cost D1.4 Million Dalasis to build. The ocassion was attended by the director of Youth and Sports, the leaders of the Manjai Community and family members of Sonny Alade Joiner. Mr O'Reme Joiner, brother to Sonny Alade  Joiner and former Gambian International basketball player read following statement from Sonny Alade Joiner :


"I will like to take this opportunity to thank God and the Gough Foundation for giving me such an honour. May God continue to bless the good work that they are doing for the development of sports in the Gambia. My thanks and appreciation also goes to the honourable Minister for honoring this ocassion. For this honour i want to extend my gratitude and remember some of the people who trained and influenced my game and my subsequent coaching career in the Gambia. A former Peace Corps Direvtor Richard Wanush was my first basketball coach who gave me an idea of how to play the fundamentals of the game.


My skills and moves were developed and guided by ba Senegalese coach lioune Diop who helped me and the national team develop and run plays that improved the performance of the team that eventually resulted in the first Gold Medal for Gambia male basketball team during the semaine National held in Dakar in 1972. While in the United States i was fortunate to have been coached and played for coach Dean Sempart at Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon. He further improved on both my approach to the game and how to coach to be a winner. As a result i came home in 1976 to play and coach the first Saints basketball team which went undefeated for three consecutive years at both school and national level basketball competitions. That period of success would not have happened without the help and support of Fr. Joseph Gough who was principal of Saint Augustine's High School at the time. At this moment i want to remember the guys who helped in making me a good player and shaping my game, Saul Jarra, Saja Taal, Ousman Sabally, Donald Sock, Ebrima Jobe (Mbat), Essa Gaye, Sengan Ndow, Modou Njie (Addidas), Habibou Sillah (Nyankumo), Cherno Touray (Teacher), Felix Gomez (Daddy), Felix Ceesay, Halifa (Bimateh), Rt. Rev. Solomon Tilewa Johnson, Oreme Joiner and Dupeh joiner (Mario Dupesco). I hope and pray that some day in the future a basketball player will emerge from these courts who will accomplish great things for the game in the Gambia and the world over. Thank You and May God Bless you all, The Gough Foundation and the Gambia, Sonny Alade Joiner"


Sonny was the first Gambian to play college basketball in the United States. He also captained Gambia many times.


Father Gough during the ocassion stated that the Gough Foundation plans to further develop the complex by putting a training pitch, spectator areas, Gym and other sporting facilities at the complex in the next few years to develop the complex into the best multi-sporting complex in the Gambia. A basketball match between Saint augustine;s vs Gambia High School was heldto mark the 80th and 50th Anniveraries of the schools. Saints won the match and the Sonny Alde Joiner trophy and medals. Both Schools were donated with basketballs.