Gambians, friends of The Gambia and the Saints Ex-pupils residing in Metro Atlanta area are in full gear for the visit of Fr. Joseph A. Gough, Ambassador at-large for The Republic of The Gambia. A status conferred upon him by The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh in recognition of the great work he did in The Gambia.


As a teacher and later Principal of this renowned and famed institution (Saint Augustine’s High School), Fr. Gough contributed immensely in the education of many prominent Gambians who today are recognized in many important positions worldwide. Known for his philanthropy, Fr. Gough also undoubtedly contributed to the advancement of sports and education in The Gambia and personally sponsored the continued education of some of his students.















In a continued engagement for his contribution to such efforts in The Gambia, Fr. Recently concluded phase one of the Fr. Gough Sports Complex located in Manji Kunda, in The Gambia. He is currently embarked on building two Basket Ball courts in Manji Kunda and Banjul respectively. He also pioneered the development of coaching techniques in The Gambia in areas of game plan, individual skills of athletes and sports management in general.


During his stay in The Gambia, Fr. Gough served in every Sports Association and established the International Student Exchange Programs with the Republic of Senegal for which the later conferred upon him the title of Pioneer of Senegambian Schools Exchange. Father who currently teaches at Ireland’s Premier School, Blackrock College will for the first time in over two decades, come to meet with some of his former students and those who did not have the opportunity to meet him before but happen to earn their education from the same institution.


During his Atlanta visit, Fr. Gough will attend the Friday Muslim congregation prayer at Masjid Taqwa in Greenbrier. For him attending the Muslim prayer is an indication of Catholic Church’s respect for Islam and a validation of the co-existence of the two religions especially in The Gambia. Fr. Gough is welcomed to be in attendance as the Imam of The Gambian community in Atlanta and the head Imam of the said mosque, Imam Bye- Ibrahim Secka is also an ex-student of his. This is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 14, 2009.


That very evening, the Atlanta Chapter of the SAHS Alumni is probed to hold a symposium with Fr. Gough from 6pm through 10pm at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Atlanta Airport/ Millennium Center located on 2301 Sullivan Road, College Park, GA 30337. During this time, Father will have the opportunity to meet the entire SAHS Alumni, their friends and families. Some other surprising guests will be in attendance, be them ex-pupils or teachers. The Atlanta Chapter will also be conduction a formal registration of SAHS Ex-pupils to kick start the SAHS Alumni in diasporas that is been long talked about. Contributions to that entity will be expected during the event. Fr. Gough will also do a radio interview on African Experience Worldwide, visit the Martin Luther King Center and try to honor as much invitations as possible.


On Saturday August 15th, 2009 Fr. Gough will receive The Gambia National Christian Council’s lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his great contribution to Gambian Education and Sports. Fr. Gough will also be a concelebrant at the Mass commemorating the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, an annual celebration for Christians in Diaspora which will also be the highlight of his visit. In addition to his already busy schedule, Fr. Gough is expected to visit the Headquarters of Med Share International, an Atlanta International Organization that assist third world countries with state of the art medical equipments. His visit is to support, as Gambian Ambassador-at-large, an approved request made for a consignment of medical equipments for The Gambia that was made possible through the President of The Gambia National Christian Council in the United States, Mr. Sunny Alade Joiner and his organization.


Fr. Gough was also a recipient of the National Order of The Republic of The Gambia (ORG) in 2005. His Atlanta visit according to one former student will be “one emotional moment that will bring back many memories that binds us with this great man……. There is no person like Gough, he is our father. This man made us men.”


Ousman Manjang



Class of 79/80