The Father Gough Foundation on Wednesday, 18th November 2009, distributed about 150 goalkeeper gloves to the teams from Manjai, Kotu, Bakoteh, Brusubi, Kololi, Serrekunda East and West and Lamin.














Furthermore, Mr. Wadda stated that he was a Goalkeeper from his early days in football playing for Mohamedan School and played his first International Match as a Goalkeeper for Real de Banjul in Bamako at the age of 15. He further stated that he had played Goalkeeper up to the Senior National team in 1977 without ever wearing a goalkeeper gloves. Only goalkeepers in Europe were seen wearing gloves in those days. Nowadays, it would be odd to see a goalkeeper not wearing gloves. As such, it is timely and appropriate for the Gough Foundation to secure such a gift and to distribute it to teams in The Gambia. The gloves are called Black Spider. It has a webbing between the fingers for better grip.


Mr Wadda further stated that, some of the gloves would be presented to the National Sports Council for further distribution to all regions of the Gambia, to help with development of Goalkeepers.  The ceremony was attended by the Manjai Sports Committee, players and coaches from the teams being presented with the gloves.






The gloves are a gift from Lucas Sports in the United States. Speaking at the Occasion, the Coordinator of the Foundation, Bye Malleh Wadda expressed thanks to Dr Alfred Lucas, proprietor of Lucas Sports who donated the gloves. Mr Wadda said he was an adviser to Dr. Lucas and was involved in the design of the gloves. He said he has been working with Dr. Lucas for over 30 years. He also expressed thanks to Mr. Tijan Ceesay for facilitating the shipment of the gloves to The Gambia.